The reason is that French culture subscribe to a particularistic orientation Trompenaars, One of the lessons Euro Disney faced was putting the park in charge of a French local Bourguignon. There are many aspects of this exercise that can be brought back to a single statement: Power Distance Index PDI is a value that reflects the degree to which the less powerful members of a social system believe that power should be distributed in an unequal manner in the system and accept this distribution Stockdale and Crosby, The Disney merchandise is also widely available for sale in the shopping complex. Oxford, UK, Blackwell Pub.

Decision Making is something that most of the times should be taken quickly and efficient, so those decisions should be taken in France, not on US as Disney did. Vast financial resources allowed rapid development on a large scale. Every possible situation should be taken into consideration. It is, therefore, a society in which a fair degree of inequality is accepted. Log In Sign Up. Another assumption such as optimistic assumption about attendance was also made.

For example, France has a strong Uncertainty Avoidance, meaning that their cultures have a great deal of structuring of organizational activities, more written rules, less risk taking by managers, lower labor turnover, and less ambitious employees.

euro disneyland case study hofstede

So they know how to manage difficult situation. Disney assumed that French customers would want to eat French breakfast while they wanted American one. If Disney had conducted a primary research and learned from their potential customers, French and Europeans, they would have forecasted those mistakes and prevented them from happening. In Individualist societies people are only supposed to look after themselves and their direct family. Not disenyland this leads to project failure.

euro disneyland case study hofstede

The Financial Times Handbook of Management: In managing its Euro Disneyland operations, what are three mistakes that the company made? Operational Errors Disney committed many different operational errors that affected directly their performance.


euro disneyland case study hofstede

It also indicated some main mistakes the Walt Disney Company made during the operation of Euro Disneyland. They were wrong and they paid a high price euri it, huge debts were acquired in the first years of Euro Disney, which even changed its name to Paris Disney in an attempt to recovery.


Help Center Find new research papers in: And some restaurant lack staff in rush hours. At the time it was one of the biggest and most innovative stury in the world. We choose disneyland a America, having high universalism, tends to standardize by rules and principles Tromperaars, France French culture scores high on Uncertainty Avoidance. Operational Plan After gathering information about French and European customers, their preferences, their culture, their age, their caes, their expectations, and to develop a business plan on how to run the business and which scenario they think was the most accurate one, Disney should have developed an effective operational plan.

However, it does not affect the political stability in the country.

In contrast of France that has an Ascription Hifstede that refers to which status is attributed based on who or what person is. As Disney was entering in France and most of the employees would be French or Europeans, the ideal was to put key French managers, to deal with the staff, and probably a French chairman, as well as human resources managers. So Walt Disney has made plan to expansion it by help of local govt financial support.

Euro Disney Case Essay

In managing its Euro Disneyland operations, what are three mistakes that the company made? The decision of breakfast was another cultural mistake, but in the opposite way. fase


The USA pays attention to a negotiation stud, logically and persuasively, whereas France stresses on a discussion inaccurately and indirectly. When a company expands in another country, the company must review all aspects of culture, risks, economics and lifestyles.

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Low, Substitutes include zoos and museums which don’t match the theme park emergence. Given these problems, and their experiences in Tokyo and Hong Kong, there seems to be a much better approach to understanding probable consumer desires, and adapting the experience to fit those consumer expectations.

If Disney would have done a proper Market Analysis and Market Research they would have been able to anticipate many cultural divergences they had. Click here to sign up. French culture in terms of the model has, however, another unique characteristic.

French culture views activities like smoking, drinking, and eating. The low masculinity ranking for the France is38 Hofstede, which could give the Disney executives a suggestion that they should have met French needs for low masculinity values to give them more employee freedoms ,group decision making and environmental conservation. Malaysia citizens are very familiar with the Disney characters as the cartoon is aired on national television. At the beginning an American was in charge of operations in Euro Disney.