The Impact CT has on personal life. It equipped with maps and locations from around the world, it can give direction with accurate. Our privacy were violated and never been protected. The documentary looks at the past, present and future of connectivity, as well as key personnel from Flickr, Wired UK and Soundcloud discussing the emerging trends and opportunities as the new networked society develops. You can buy your shopping online, do your banking online and a lot more which puts some people out of a job as they are not needed. The goods can be purchased online by credit cards and delivered straight to your door. There have two issues of Skype.

In public life communication technology serve more advantages than disadvantages. Impact of Communication Technology on Personal Communication technology has a profound impact on personal life. From clothes shops to grocery stores you can order and buy your items online. Hacking- this is one of the major issues involved with CT. Life becomes easier and more comfortable than before. The technology you see below allows users to interact with their environment in a more profound way. I will also be talking about the data protection act and the copyright act.

In my opinion, communication technology helps people many ways. GPS can save you a considerable amount of time navigating foreign areas, finding a local restaurant or locating the nearest emergency service facility.

Advantages of Communications Technology Community Technology is a tool like electronic mail and text messaging systems.

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Communication technology includes telephone, radio, television, internet, and social media. From clothes shops to grocery stores you can order and buy your items online. Bibliography Freedom of information in Ireland http: We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.


fetac level 5 communications technology essay

The role and functions of the Health and Safety Authority is provides the range of enforcement measures that may be applied and specifies penalties that may be applied for breach of occupational safety and health. The Impact CT has on personal life. Not only does this mitigate the teacher’s ability to communicate lessons, but it hurts future communicative interaction between the teacher and student because of the lack of respect it conveys.

Some people actually believe that they are losing their social skills as they are regularly chatting online. The aim of data protection is make sure that the information stored about you is factually correct, available to those who should have it, and used for stated purposes.

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Community Technology is a tool like electronic mail and text messaging systems. This essay is going to discuss the current issues and development surrounding Communication Technology. Advantages of communication technology. Communication technology has a profound impact on personal life.

communications technology

The first public beta version was released on 29 August Communication Technology is the activity of designing and constructing and maintaining communication systems. Everyone from business to your friends, is empowered through the use of blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites to reach wider audiences.

It seems that world is at eftac finger tips. Disadvantages of Communication Technology Communications Technology causes people lose art of conversation. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website.


Social media became the most used communication technology in comparison to television, radio, and conventional telephone. It has a negative effect on some of our jobs as most people are now doing everything online. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot!

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In private life, the disadvantages are more than the advantages. Besides, this essay will be also explaining the impact of communication technology and both private and public life and Health and Safety Communication Legislation.

fetac level 5 communications technology essay

Viruses- computers can pick up viruses from almost anything. Globalization – IT has not only brought the world closer together, but it has allowed the world’s economy to become a single interdependent system. Data Protection Commissioner http: ELearning- This is a great website that can teach you any subject you wish to learn all from the comfort of your home.

Here is a short video below explaining the phenomenon and potential of social media. I will be doing an essay on the issues surrounding Communication Technology.

fetac level 5 communications technology essay

The copyright Act allows you to copyright anything that you have created. Communication Technology opened commjnications face-to-face communication in the world. Uploaded by ericssonmultimedia on Nov 3, Social media is a more recent development in the evolvement of communications technology.