You might want to try the cyclotron applet on this page – I haven’t found a decent synchrotron applet though. Watch and make notes on this video about electric potential and field strength. Coulomb’s Law meets Static equilibrium, Ch. Electric Field and force. Finish the past paper questions set in class. You have to add up the dq s for concentric spherical shells from the inner radius to the outer radius by integration.

Check out this website: Problems 40, 44, AP Mechanics Mult Choice Hand in on Monday. Watch and make notes on this video about electricity basics. Problems 5, 7, For the straight line of charge, I would like you to be able to set it up.

Note that this video is far from perfect – be prepared to discuss the video next lesson in terms of what you found useful and if there is anything you would improve. Try to do this in 45 minutes.

In order to calculate the time of the impact you need to know the initial voltage, final voltage, resistance and capacitance.

Yes, we will have a midyear exam. Then add q from physocs center.


Do the Mechanics test M1, M2, M3. Please show all of your work. I need one report to be handed in by each group, which clearly shows the measurements you took, and how you used them to determine the force.


Dipole Gauss’ Law video p. We use either the right hand grip rule or the rule on P. Quiz on Angular Momentum and Gravitation. We also looked briefly at the idea of flux and derived an expression for the emf induced in a wire homeworkk perpendicularly to a uniform magnetic field.

Stop at the end of 45 minutes regardless of where you are.


Looking at hoework College board learning objectives for our course, I see that you need hpysics be able to set up and solve the integral for the electric field from. Questions 3, 5, 7, 9 Problems 19, Bring answers to next lesson. Have a look at other people’s reviews and see if you agree.

The Millikan Oil Drop. LH, AP cathode ray tube: Over the holidays, please answer the rest of the past paper questions on P.

physics homework #97

Work to bring a fourth charge to point P. Do some research about one of the following things. Electrical Potential at point P due to the other 3 charges. I’ll demonstrate this next lesson. Set aside 45 minutes of uninterrupted time.


Make a table of similarities and differences between cyclotrons and synchrotrons. Hand in on Monday or whenever you can if you are away.

physics homework #97

Deadline to register is Monday. Derivation for the potential from a disk Problem solving Bring Red books Chapter Equipotential Lines and Contour Lines. Watch and make notes on this video about electric field strength.

A2 Physics

Write an expression for Q enclosed and then for E from Gauss’ Law. It should be familiar material. Derivation for the potential from a disk. Homework Watch this video about how transformers work.

physics homework #97

If the field is going to be uniform, doesn’t that mean that as r changes, E stays the same?