GPs in line for seniority pay windfall worth thousands of pounds Hundreds of GPs could be in line for thousands of pounds in extra seniority pay after Efficacy and effectiveness of screen and treat policies in prevention of type 2 diabetes: Home News Education Practice About. Undergraduate study Find a course Open days and visits New undergraduate students. BJGP ; 67

There are six categories and each category has a panel of assessors from various organisations with an interest in primary care research, who judge the papers. The award was given in the ‘Children, Reproduction, Genetics, Infections’ category and was presented at a ceremony in London on 19 September. Related links International students Accommodation. Better beginnings themed review. The awards received 87 nominations of papers, reporting a variety of methodologies, from a wide range of journals. Association of a difference in systolic blood pressure between arms with vascular disease and mortality:

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The global obesity pandemic: There are six categories and each category has a panel of assessors from various organisations with an interest in primary researcg research, who judge the papers.

The category winners are: Medicines for children Significantly increasing hospital admissions for acute throat infections among children in England: The research concludes that rccgp for diabetes was not associated with any reduction in mortality.

For further information, please contact the Research team at SFB rcgp. These awards celebrate research and help to promote them to GPs and the wider primary healthcare community.

rcgp research paper of the year award

Our results also highlight the importance of investment in psychological services. Within this was recognition of the need for greater investment to increase access to “evidence-based psychological therapies” and in Julythe Government announced plans to recruit an additional therapists to support adult talking therapies www.


Young gesearch from deprived areas are more at risk of serious burns and scalds.

Research paper of the Year Winner

Primary care clinicians wanting crgp use the results to support clinical decision making may wish to print Figure 2 of the paper. A definitive diagnosis can only be achieved by a urine test but collecting urine samples from babies and children under five is a challenge.

This award is not restricted to members of the RCGP.

Close This site uses cookies. However, the CoBalT participants gained greater benefits in terms of the reduction in depressive symptoms, and the intervention represented better value for money over the long-term, compared with low intensity treatments6.

Validate Proofing Long-term effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy as an resdarch to pharmacotherapy for treatment-resistant depression is the subject of the Research Paper of the Year award winner.

rcgp research paper of the year award

We know that both lifestyle change, for example, eating less and exercising more, and some drugs, notably metformin, can delay or prevent type 2 diabetes in some people.

The research examines the explicit link between physical health, mental health and socio-economic deprivation, and calls for a new approach to managing several conditions in individual patients at the same time. Once a urine sample is obtained, the second step of the rule adds dipstick results to help identify who should be treated with antibiotics.

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Thus, the intervention group had a mean BDI-II score nearly 5 points lower less depressed than the usual care group over the 46 months adjusted difference in means: However, prior to this study, evidence on the effectiveness of CBT was restricted to outcomes over the short-to medium term months and, despite the substantial cost of depression to health services and society3, data on long-term cost-effectiveness were sparse.


Click ‘Find out more’ for information on how to change your cookie settings. The researchers hope this will also help GPs and nurses better target antibiotic prescribing so only those who are likely to benefit from antibiotics receive them. The University of Manchester’s Institute of Population Health has been a member of the School since its establishment in Skip to main content.

The epidemiology of multimorbidity in a large cross-sectional dataset: Only half the trials reviewed used type 2 diabetes development as the end point; the rest used surrogate markers such as weight loss, which although positive, does not correlate closely with diabetes development. The technique could reduce the amount of time and effort used to collect unnecessary urine samples and increase sampling among children most likely to have a UTI.

RCGP Research Paper of the Year award for CAPC-led study on urinary infections in children

News Browse by category. Children, Reproduction, Genetics, Infections. The Research Paper of the Year award gives recognition to an individual or group of researchers who have undertaken awzrd published an exceptional piece of research relating to general practice or primary care. Patient-doctor continuity and diagnosis of cancer: This involved a clinical rule using symptoms and signs, which they found worked better than routine clinician diagnosis.

One reason is that improved lifestyles has led to better management of cardiovascular risk factors. Home News Education Practice About.