Two people approached me a few days ago and said the same thing. Lucky for me I did not pay anything. A few years ago, I lived in my car Pathetically, you’re neither an owner or shareholder of Amway. Many of the people I met were young individuals and some even graduated from my school very recently. Same rule applies to this business model albeit a little differently. I have followed the training and implemented what I have learnt.

I am so serious. The presentation made no sense, gave no details and it felt like I was in church. Sad because I’ve hear stories where these huchsters discourage people from college in favor of Amway. Disgusted with these scamsters. I’m in Singapore, a small country in South East Asia and this thing just happened to me. Stating, “If you’re skeptical, do we need to say anything but ‘Apple’, it speaks for itself”.

Joecool, iam not sure wmway your LOS ,why did they lied to you?. Updated Oct 13, I love Amway products just because of its high quality and ecofriendly nature. Money is not everything. Also you’re asked to hide the fact that you’re an Amway salesman when you hunt people at the malls.

Amway: The Untold Story: Expenses

I squeezed the name of the company out of him which led me to google BWW and lo and behold found your blog. Because its expanding and growing more bussines than ever. What bhsiness the chamber of commerce say about Amway?

I was approached by a guy in a mall in Dallas who casually started a conversation with me then told me about his job, BWW I had never heard of it before but I maway it was a legit company when listening to him. My brother was into it and thought it was everything and more.


amway bww business plan

Plus you pla to like this kind of “bothering people” business. This actually does work for people who do not make excuses for themselves. Seemed nice to me and told me about how his job brought him to Houston and Dallas for some meetings.

Then be resented by many. But you can businesa get to the very top unless you start pyramid or you are a friend of the one who started or got in very early.

Sales and Marketing Plan

I built my business in the same manner as the Core Values of the Marine Corps. I havent joined this, nor did I lose any money. I have repeatedly tried to convince him that ‘the system’ is primarily designed to promote and reproduce itself since that how uplines above a certain level make their money. And they enforce them in businrss very relaxed fashion.

He asked if I am open to other opportunities and obviously I am not going to say no. But are they ethical? I know lawyers and doctors who gave and continue to give wrong advise, but the still have clients. Amway also has a self – justification: I advice anyone who away or met anybody from BWW not to go ahead and spend time and money into this.

Here’s an article about a recent experience http: Reminder to BWW, if want to do biz. I have been invited many times before in India and never cared that much but someone I met a polite Indian couple in a restaurant in Australia invited me and I went there eventually with my wife in business attire and sat in 2nd row only to hear from my wife mid way through I TOLD YOU SO!!!


The Truth About The Amway Global Opportunity: Is Amway and BWW A Scam?

They look for that need and try to exploit it. It’s because the emphasis of many Amway IBOs is to recruit people continuously.

amway bww business plan

In addition, I can buy from my own store and profit off of it, and I profit from my friends buying products from my business and be richer, using examples of Mark Zuckerberg to make a point of networking. Very few do retail, where is the time if you are working full-time and then BWW focuses on selling a dream.

I was introduced to a similar meeting the day before bwa Then the meeting a,way. So instead of getting the heck out of there I decided to be a good sport yet again. Companies like Amway gives us the change to try with very low cost, provide support, at the minimum chance to fulfill our dreams.