Dickens was generally concerned with poor people and particularly the young children after he had visited the Ragged Schools in The firm is a cold dark place at any time of the year. However Scrooge was a very selfish man with his money. At that moment, Bob enters, wrapped in his blanket. He is now told he will be visited by three ghosts, past, present and future.

Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours However Scrooge was a very selfish man with his money. Page count 1 page words. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! This is aimed at the selfish people so that they can see that if they like Scrooge, do not change then will be the ones to suffer.

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He conveys all this into and entertaining and enjoyable novel, to keep the reader captivated. Traumatic experiences, except to the child psychologist Dr. Dickens wanted to put across this idea of rich people being selfish, un-compassionate people. The death of Tiny Tim also makes the Cratchits appear more believable to readers, blb they can share the pain of the family.

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The family, however poor, are also admired because even as they own so little material wealth, they are content: That shows the divide between the two people, high and low class and a disrespect and tightness from high to low.

The message esszy portrayed mainly through the main character Scrooge who we follow throughout the book.


This is helped by the staves; Dickens is trying to create a joyful feel like that created in music. Master’s or higher degree. The fire extinguisher on its head can put out the fire.

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Fezziwig is immediately introduced to the audience as a merry character: Bob is a prime example of the virtues of Christmas and provides the antidote to Scrooge. The prevailing concerns of life and decease. The book is set in London England and reflects several aspects of vob events in that time period.

Dickens describes vividly what life was like at this time and place; he portrays the major contrast between the life styles of the poor and the wealthy. Also on the ghosts head there is crown on the ghosts head. The eldest children work hard and Bob is always looking to find them better situations.

And so wait to find out until they reach an opinion. He is afraid of Scrooge’s reaction when he arrives late to work after Christmas Day.

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It would have been flat heresy to do so. Is his own grave. Exaggeration is used in an intensely positively way in the last stave in contrast to the first stave.

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He did not write this book just because he wanted to write a ghost storey, even though it has some similarities. Dickens achieves such storytelling through a clever use rssay words woven into both a vibrant story and an analysis of the current centauries social failings.


Martha, a daughter, arrives home late—she has been working and has brought the goose. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Belle says this in the book because he is not the same man she loved.

bob cratchit essay

If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. By showing the infinite change in a single character, Dickens manages to achieve all aims set in the preface, and to raise moral issues to make the reader think.

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King Lear Assignment Essay. One example of this is where we see Tiny Tim. He wakes up on Christmas morning with a complete change of attitude to life.

If he does not change this will be his fate. Psychological Processes in Consumer Behavior. Dickens creates contrasts in his characters to underscore the importance of generousness and its effects.