Chasyn rance sex offender in Oregon

I gave the ring crew also a wrestling school carte Blanche to have our first dark. Include Message. Show image Expand map. More Comments. Hart says he feels terrible about what happened, but it had nothing to do with him, citing his time spent in jail, followed by a stint in a WWE-sponsored rehab center.

Google his name and an Orlando Sentinel article with the details of his case is the second result.

chasyn rance sex offender in Oregon

Back Next Step. Sign in Recover your password. Include Message. I wake up everyday grateful to have the overwhelming support of my family, friends, and fans all over the world that believe in me and want to see me succeed.

Chasyn rance sex offender in Oregon

You can follow him on Twitter at davidbix and view his portfolio at Clippings. Just as conspicuous as the lack of ring introductions that opened the show was CEO promoter Alex Jebailey bookending the show by, for no apparent reason, mentioning that they were using a brand new ring in his speech after the main event.

Wrestling News. Chasyn rance sex offender in Oregon did speak to Hart for clarification on the matter, who said that he wants to clear his name so that these past accusations will stop following him.

What he did with Rance and Epic may be common practice on the independent scene, but he ultimately failed his company by putting outside talent on a NJPW-branded event without doing even the minimum in terms of checking up on who they were.

You can visit our store by clicking here. I have verified that state registry is different than the OffenderRadar. Get our newsletter Subscribe. NJPW also did not return a request for comment on this story. More Comments.

Chasyn rance sex offender in Oregon

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