He noted both the magnificence of the Roman remains and the drab condition of the modern settlement. They weigh approximately tonnes tons each. Retrieved 20 February Economics might be reinventing itself right now. Heliopolis Syriaca or Syriae to distinguish it from its namesake in Egypt.

The area around the inscription of the eagle was greatly damaged by the earthquake. He was forced to relinquish it to Nur ad-Din in [18] after Ayyub had successfully intrigued against Abaq from his estates near Baalbek. A noisy electoral debate, but is anyone listening? Roof sculpture, supposedly of Mark Antony. In Catholicism , its titular see is distinguished as Heliopolis in Phoenicia , from its former Roman province Phoenice.

descriptive essay about baalbek castle

In Decemberit was raided by the garrison of Banyas as a reprisal for its role in a Turcoman raid on Banyas. Ibn al-Muqaddam did not consent and Saladin opted to invest the city in late to maintain peace within his own family. The largest and most noble Roman temples ever built, they are also among the best preserved. The area around the inscription of the eagle was greatly damaged by the earthquake.

A noisy electoral debate, but is anyone listening?

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Roof sculpture, supposedly of Cleopatra. The settlers of the Roman colony Colonia Julia Augusta Felix Heliopolitana may have arrived as early as the time of Caesar [4] [38] but were more probably the veterans of the 5th and 8th Legions under Augustus[30] [48] desfriptive during which time it hosted a Roman garrison.


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descriptive essay about baalbek castle

Operation Sharp and Smooth. Retrieved August 25, A huge block, considered the largest hewn stone in the world, still sits where it was cut almost 2, years ago.

Archaeological sites in Lebanon. Baalbek DistrictBaalbek-Hermel Governorate. Comments Your feedback is important to us! On a nearby hill, a fourth temple was dedicated to the third figure of the Heliopolitan TriadMercury Adon or Seimios [63].

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Camulodunum Lindum Colonia Londinium. This god was identified as a solar and growth deity. In the early 2nd century, Trajan added the temple’s forecourt, with porticos of pink granite shipped from Aswan at the southern end of Egypt.

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Towering high above the Beqaa plain, their monumental proportions proclaimed the power and wealth of Imperial Rome. Immediately behind the Propylaeum is a hexagonal forecourt [70] reached through a threefold entrance [73] that was added in the mid-3rd century by the emperor Philip the Arab.

Like the Hamadas, the Harfush emirs were involved on more than one occasion in the selection of Church officials and the running of local monasteries. While the Baalabak is known primarily in the west as the site of the famous Roman ruins, in the Middle East the baapbek are called “The Castle”. The 15th century tower at the corner of this temple is a good example of the Mamluke fortifications of Baalbeck.

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The ruins of Baalbek facing west from the hexagonal forecourt in the 19th century. The tell was consolidated on the eastern, northern and southern sides by vaulted substructures, and on the western eesay by the temple’s podium.


Heliopolis in Phoenicia; not to be confused with the Egyptian bishopric Heliopolis in Augustamnica was a bishopric under Roman and Byzantine rule, but it was wiped out by Islam. Lebanon’s representative gave deacriptive that the committee’s wish would be honoured.

Wine and other drugs, such as opium, may have been used by the worshipers and it was the carvings of grapes and poppies on the main door jamb and some carved Bacchic scenes, which suggested the temple’s identification with Bacchus.

It is mentioned in Josephus[49] Pliny[50] Strabo[51] and Ptolemy [52] and on coins of nearly every emperor from Nerva to Gallienus.

descriptive essay about baalbek castle

These attributes also help identify it as the temple of the Fortune of Baalbeck, that is the tutelary divinity of the City, under the protection of its great gods. These substructures supported the porticos and exedrae around the Court and were used for stables and storage. Willow Osgood The Daily Essay. Cabinet and budget: Courtesy of the Ministry of Tourism.