The in-text citations essentially are pointers to entries in the reference list and are usually highly abbreviated. All taught module blocks are worth 15 credits total taught element credits , and the dissertation corresponds to 60 credits. Remember, you must write the introduction in such a way that an intelligent, yet uninformed, person could understand. Information provided by the Graduate School is provided below. Critically, they will have developed a business plan, a product design, or a research proposal in a relevant subject area with an emphasis on sustainability Standard MSc programme requirement. Analysis of data obtained will be lacking with little, if any, attempt to discuss the research undertaken with respect to the literature and the work undertaken by others. Given the demands of the programmes, and noting the range of assessments and their submission deadlines as detailed in the last column of Table 1, we feel that it is prudent to provide January intake students with an additional three months to write up and submit their dissertation by the end of the following March as stated in Tables 2 and 3.

Primary sources include data from laboratory experiments or field investigations, questionnaires etc. You should always cite the original full reference for each fact, AND if you accessed the fact in a secondary source rather than the original this should also be cited in full. Under exceptional circumstances a request for a short extension to the submission date of your dissertation may be considered. The grades assigned are to be used in the calculation of grade point averages in the case of undergraduate awards and in grade profiles in the normal manner. A list of laboratory-based project titles will be given 34 to all students who should then contact the research group leader for further information. At university, you need to show your understanding of the existing body of knowledge in your subject. Cheating in Examinations includes taking unauthorised materials into the exam room or allowing someone else to sit your exam for you.

Dissertation Late Submission Brunel

All submissions must be made using the Mitigating Circumstances Form appendix 13 available from the Institute for the Environment Office. The use of too many WWWbased references is discouraged. For example, a scientific project with experimental or fieldwork will need to have chapters covering results and submisssion analysis.


Full details of the disciplinary process and the range of penalties can be found in Senate Regulation 6: Scrutinise student module block evaluations coursework assessment forms, presentation assessment forms, etc. The Personal Tutor should provide help and support on academic matters and on professional development, and should be able to direct tutees to help and support on other matters such as brunl development, social and other non-academic matters. Lectures submissionn core material that you can build on to deliver coursework.

dissertation late submission brunel

Both LM and PM programmes provide a rigorous academic treatment of scientific principles and environmental practice.

Attendance lists allow IfE staff to assemble information about attendance that goes far beyond the ten engagement points, since it submiesion to all students and allows us to know if any particular student is missing classes. Has the submission been checked for originality by TurnItIn?

Such proposals should include the preparation of documentation for consideration, including rissertation to programme specifications.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

The alternative option of last resort is to make a recommendation outside the provisions of the regulations to the Chair of LTC SR4. Managing your files, and protecting your data and text are your responsibility.

Information which is on the Internet should be referred to as follows: Sumbission must be identified as such. Will the study require the co-operation of a gatekeeper for initial access to the groups or individuals to be recruited? Sometimes, your academic performance in an assessment may be significantly affected by unforeseen events, such that you are not able to submiesion your true abilities in the assessment.

Any Masters student who fails to submit by the standard submission deadline or revised submission deadline as in a or b above will be assigned a grade F for the dissertation. There are a number of different standard referencing systems e.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

During the summer vacation period, when FT students are working on their dissertations, individual staff keep contact with the students allocated to them for supervision; thus support for dissertation work continues through the summer as appropriate.


MSc dissertations and projects. A list of laboratory-based project titles will be given 34 to all students who should then contact the research group leader submizsion further information.

dissertation late submission brunel

TLC responds to student concerns and oversees modifications of programmes in order to improve student support. It is your responsibility to do this within the time limits described llate. Diagrammatic material may depend heavily on the inclusion of non-original artwork and the presentation of data may be inappropriate and confusing. This should be undertaken before the beginning of May exact date will be announced. In a book by M. The Graduate School itself is centrally located at the front of the Halsbury Building, presenting a welcoming environment to meet other postgraduate students, study or just take a break.

dissertation late submission brunel

How do I cite URLs in a bibliography? It will be evidenced by i a literature review followed by a critical appreciation of the topic detailing its strengths and limitations or ii a clear presentation of the data followed by a critical analysis of the data.

Dissertation late submission brunel

Lqte am so sorry again and I am hoping for your usual kind and consideration. A rough outline plan should be made and discussed with and approved by your supervisor so that both of you know what is to be achieved.

Grades for each module block are submiasion internally by a module block moderator who is normally not a member of the teaching staff of that module block, and grades finalised. The module block specification for the Dissertation module block can be found in Appendix 2. The Institute for the Environment monitors attendance of all students during the taught programme.