Others – Sex linked agammaglobulinemia – AIDS – Management of immune deficiency patients requiring surgical procedures – De George Syndrome – Ghons complex, post primary pulmonary tuberculosis – pathology and pathogenesis 8. Detailed clinical procedures — restorations, endodontics, preventive and interceptive orthodontic procedures, and prosthodontic procedures. Use information technology tools and carry out research both basic and clinical with the aim of publishing his work and presenting the same at scientific platform. The Threat of Periodontal Disease. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antipyretic-analgesics. It may be structured and assessment is done using checklists that assess various aspects.

The examination is open to the candidate who satisfies the requirements of attendance and other rules lay down by the university. The work dairy and log book shall be verified and certified by the head of the department and head of the institution. Continuing Dental Education Programmes Each postgraduate department shall organize these programmes on regular basis involving the other institutions. Management of medical emergencies in dental chair. Describe interrelationship between periodontal disease and various systemic conditions.

dr ntruhs dissertation guidelines

The Muse has also helped me learn how to communicate that academic information in a way that is accessible to everyone, so it does not get lost in the literary showboating which often characterizes academia. Drawing album and records – Tables showing chronology of teeth.

Central nervous system – Organization of CNS, synapse receptors, reflexes, sensations and tracts. Treatment care is to be delivered irrespective of the social status, cast, creed, and religion of the patients.


Ntr university thesis guidelines.

General vissertation of the patient including children with special emphasis on cardiovascular diseases endocrinal, metabolic respiratory, renal diseases and blood dyscrasias. Structure of Muscle and properties of muscle fibers. Dissection, basic sciences, basic computer sciences, exodontias, seminars on basic topics, selection of dissertation topic, library assignment topic.

Hand and rotary cutting instruments, development of rotary equipment, speed ranges, hazards. Cariology — Newbrun E Applied Basic Sciences 1.

Principles of surgery – developing a surgical diagnosis, basic necessities for surgery, aseptic techniques, incisions, flap designs, tissue handling, hemostasis, dead space management, decontamination and debridement, suturing, edema control, patient general health and nutrition. Slide discussions of the same. Table — 3 Diagnostic and operative procedures performed Admission year: Manage the disabled children effectively and efficiently, tailored to the needs of individual requirement and conditions.

Slide discussion on histological appearance of normal oral tissues. Cross infection, infection ntrush, infection control procedure, sterilization and disinfection. Essay The topics assigned to drr different papers are generally evaluated under those sections. Removable functional appliance cases like activator, bionator, functional regulator, twin block and new developments.

Ntr university thesis guidelines

The Periodontium – Schroeder 4. Mixed dentition analysis — 1 case. Cleanliness and maintenance of the guidelunes chair allotted to them and the surroundings of the PG clinic are the responsibilities of the individual PG students.

When the full complement of staff recommended for undergraduate training programme does not exist, the deficiency must be made good before starting of the postgraduate course in that department. Interdisciplinary discussions and interactions. Exercise empathy, caring attitude and maintain high ethical standards. On the contrary, the endogenous money holds that loans create deposits that then create the need for the central dizsertation to accommodate with reserve.


G Department of Dravyaguna for his valuable guidance, personal care and. Oral sepsis and Bacterimia. Due entry of the books or instruments to be there in the register countersigned by the staff in-charge. The purpose of this handbook is to outline the guidelines that a PhD thesis submitted to the Institute format for the preparation of the PhD dissertation and guidelines for the submission of the thesis.

Ntr university thesis guidelines

Onlay preparation on molars a Casting – 02 – 01 4. Biostatistics – Computers — Basic operative skills in analysis of data and knowledge of multimedia.

dr ntruhs dissertation guidelines

Disseertation of medically compromised patients with diseases of CVS. Able to understand the principles of prevention and preventive dentistry right from birth to adolescents 4. Inter disciplinary cases viii. Drugs Acting On Blood – Coagulants. Journal of American College of Dentists