This is a pre-requisite for the final strand of the programme, the provision of in-cell telephony and additional services. There have been changes in the Senior Management Team of the programme during this reporting period with the majority of replacements now in place, but there is an inevitable loss of continuity and potential impact on delivery plans while new resources get up to speed. MoJ is working with The Cabinet Office and the supplier to agree a transition plan and a new project end date. Previously non-cash depreciation was included in WLC. Filling specialist roles has been a challenge, but work has moved ahead to identify suitable candidates. New business as usual BAU costs are netted off against the benefits shown in the benefits section below. The lessons learned from each phase will inform the next.

Following the delay in implementing new Crime Contracts from 11 January to 1 April , the programme has extended its closure date to the 30 April , to ensure that there is governance to support the changes. Of course, plans may adjust over time, to take into account the rapidly changing world we live in, particularly as a result of government, political and international events. In achieving these aims, the work of the Judicial Office is essential. What do we have in mind? Total capital costs will be split between three delivery phases. Sign up for alerts Enter your email.

The current delivery confidence rating is amber red, which reflects the complexity of the programme and the innovative use of agile development principles. This is due to levels of recruitment being lower than planned, therefore fewer exits were required. This decision is based on the fact that the following three issues have been resolved: The delivery confidence assessment hmct the continued challenges in migrating users to the new system, and the programme’s on-going efforts to improve the user experience by implementing enhancements to it.

Since then, recruitment of the core programme team has been completed and work is delivering to schedule. Lack of a baseline plan is still a critical 201516 and work to assure the plan continues. The headline improvements have been delivered and are being utilised by casework teams, including the link between the LAA and Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Services HMCTS case management systems, however, work is ongoing with users to rectify the last few issues that have been identified post implementation.


Judicial Office Business Plan Tell us what you were looking for.

Courts and Tribunals Judiciary | Judicial Office Business Plan

However, due to the risk to operational performance as a result of slow uptake in online applications for criminal legal aid, the review busijess felt amber green would be appropriate. Given the significant problems and delays, the department initiated a review looking at how to get this programme back on track.

hmcts business plan 2015-16

The project remains on schedule to deliver the first of 2, places in February The programme is experiencing delays in moving to the SOP. The programme is now addressing the next strand of the programme, the installation of data cabling in bsiness sector prisons.

hmcts business plan 2015-16

The programme made good progress during Q2, carrying out detailed research in five service areas: WLC will be re-stated once the transition plan is finalised. The Legal Aid Transformation LAT Programme aims to reduce the cost of legal aid through providing a more efficient service, so as to improve public confidence pllan the system. What do we have in mind?

Judicial Office Business Plan 2015-16

CCP are now aiming to mandate online form use in July Businwss remains a challenging programme, which we will continue to keep under review. The WLC represent the total capital costs of construction as well as the implementation and steady state running costs of the prison over the assumed 60 year life of the building, which accounts for the difference in figures published in Sign up for alerts Enter your email. See more information about these transparency data.


The programme successfully delivered the Transfer of Grant Project in July and is close to concluding the enabling and supporting IT enhancements as part of the Business Improvement Project.

Contract negotiations have been successfully concluded with BT.

Remaining IT improvements being delivered through the Crime Change Programme are being concluded, with the final enhancements due by the end of June This is the date when CCMS starts to be made mandatory for providers. Costs in this financial year are below budget. Did you find what you were looking for? The key remaining deliverable to mandate the CRM14 eForm is dependent on the organisation introducing new contracts for criminal legal aid providers scheduled for April Improving compliance and enforcement services will continue to form a key part of reforming HMCTS and in house modernisation is considered the best option.

MOJ Government Major Project Portfolio data, September 2015 (CSV)

About the judiciary The judiciary, the government and the constitution The justice system Who are the judiciary? These changes will allow us to continue to drive and oversee delivery from suppliers.

hmcts business plan 2015-16

Once the final response has been approved, the project will move into implementation. There is ongoing ministerial challenge on the deliverability, shape and purpose of the programme.

Pllan, along with all members of the judiciary, look forward to working with them in taking forward this shared agenda. The programme is now in the final stages of roll out and will soon progress to programme closure.