Which means it’s time for United Kingdom theatrical release poster. Too cool for school The clock ticks, I’m feeling sick End of another day Smells like poo covered in goo Nothing worse than school There’ll be sob scenes Now we’re on our way Nothing you can say will make us wanna stay But when I get home All Mum does is moan Cos it’s a horrid homework day It’s not fair, it’s just not fair Those horrid homework days It’s not fair, it’s just not fair I’m in a horrid homework haze I’m in a horrid homework haze What I really wanna do Is cover Peter all in goo Battle pirates with my friends, play gross games right to the end Fly a spaceship out of sight Eat crisps and chocolate through the night Crawl through a jungle, bounce on my bed Climb a tree, stand on my head Everyone knows it’s just not fair But no-one seems to really care Battle-Axe, Oddbod, Soggy Sid What do they know about being a kid? Van Wrinkle stands to make a fortune from the resulting influx of pupils. Miss Lovely was at Brickhouse?

I’ve come to see the headmaster. Boudicca, I just wanted to remind you the school inspectors will be here again today and we don’t want any more I found this in my attic. What you gonna do now, Henry? Don’t worry, Mummy dearest. Peter has valuable information. Right, get out your homework.


Van Wrinkle stands to make a fortune from the resulting influx of pupils. Why don’t you take a look? And are you practising trying to get this school closed down, too? Na-na-na, na na na!

Horrid Henry’s Homework Haze Karaoke

Henry decides to win the talent contest with his ‘Zero Zombies’ band, in the naive hope that this will make them famous enough that they won’t shut the school down. Well, it does seem as though horgid losing a lot ofteachers.

You really are my best boys. I can’t believe we were in the same room as Ed Banger.

I’ve explained it to you a hundred times. Hey, guys, wait for me! I said, get up. I know you’re down here. Does that mean Ashton Primary is not gonna get closed down? Oh, no, don’t worry.

Horrid Henry’s Homework Haze Karaoke –

If our school closes down, we’re all in trouble. We’re always late and it’s always your fault.

That horrid boy is my big brother. There’s a try-out day coming up in Brickhouse. Carefully worked out with military precision, and resulting in a devastating airburst attack.

Theo Stevenson and Dick and Dom.

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I’m getting dressed, Mum. Time to let the snakes out. What we gonna do now? Now, boys and girls, today in class we’re going to learn all about France. But isn’t Brickhouse very expensive? Oh, sorry, my precious. This page was last edited on 12 Mayat Do I have to join up all the dots round here? With Ashton Primary on the brink of closing, Henry’s Great Aunt Greta volunteers to put up the money to transfer Henry to an all girls school since she thinks Henry is a girl and his younger brother Peter to Brick House.


What are you doing in here? I must have said please 52 million times and he won’t budge. It’s yours now, Henrietta. Views Read Edit View history.

horrid henry homework haze

Recalling Miss Battle-Axe’s early admonitions and using “Oh Henry, you horrid boy” as a mnemonic devicehe correctly spells “homework” with two “o”s for the first time.

I only want to look at it.

horrid henry homework haze

Your Good As Gold book, Peter.