If you would like, you can create your portfolio with this template. What is an advertisement? Can advertising help promote recycling? It is also worth pointing out that you should not expect to be proficient in every area detailed in the KASA standards when your portfolio is initially assessed. Use the following reading to assist you.

How many cones did you hit? By periodically taking stock of what you have learned within the context of an established framework of what you are supposed to know by completion of the program i. How could you have done better in this game? The KASA form is intended for use by the certification applicant during the graduate program to track the processes by which the knowledge and skills specified in the Standards for the CCC are being acquired. The purpose of evaluating these portfolios is to obtain data on student learner outcomes.

By periodically taking stock of what you have learned within the context of an established framework of what you are supposed to know by completion of the program i. By incorporating your portfolio and the KASA worksheet into the precepting session, mzcd focus is shifted from schedule to levels of proficiency and mastery of the material.

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Identify one ally that you would like to have if competing in a competition. Since this is the case, you should be bringing your portfolio and KASA standard sheet with you on precepting day, to ensure blpg you are on the right track in terms of your learning outcomes. Structure of the Portfolio Posted by bakerc. It is a collection of standards relating to the areas of knowledge and skills that ASHA expects you to gain mastery of upon completion of the MSCD program. How did they overcome these battles?


Because its a graduation requirement.

What are you most excited about? Hadley and some key faculty members will most likely homeqork aside a day towards the end of the semester in which these portfolios will be reviewed en masse. As you make your way through the program and your portfolio grows, you will undoubtedly find that more recent work is far more representative of your knowledge and skills.

Identify two skills that you needed in order to succeed in this game.

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You will notice that this has already been done for you in the Acrobat template. What kind of advertisement did we create in class? In addition to these artifacts, your portfolio will contain a number of brief essays in which you will be reflecting on the knowledge and skills you have acquired throughout each semester. You are going to create an electronic portfolio ePortfolio designed to document the knowledge and skills you are acquiring throughout your course of study here at Stockton.

Was your hypothesis correct or incorrect? That is all to say, that it is hoped that this requirement will make you a better learner, and through this, a better speech pathologist. Choose the level appropriate for you and complete that level. Tonight for homework you will practice reading and answering questions It was at one time, but has recently been removed from their list of requirements.


The images below should present a clear picture of the framework in which your portfolio will be evaluated.

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Tonights homework is IXL for 20 minutes. In a typical precepting session, the focus resides mainly upon which courses you will be taking to fulfill graduation requirements.

Choose ONE level to complete that is appropriate for you. In these cases, remember— this is not a scrap-book. Analysis of your portfolio will be a part of that process. One recycling bin is used for paper and cardboard.

If you were a reality TV character, would being in front of cameras change the way you behaved? A notice or announcement that promotes something. They had to fight for their life.

If you wish to use an alternate medium for this project, you can use either the KASA standard form, or the diagram below as a guide. If you do not understand something about the requirement itself speak with your preceptor, if they do not have an answer for you contact Dr. This semester being the first in which this method of assessment is actually being implemented, homewoek for review will vary as needed.

mscd homework blog

English, Math, Science, Dance, and Health. Describe an advertisement that you have seen in real life.