Tanya zuvers-skelton sex offender in Naperville

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Local 4 was in contact with detectives in Missoula and in Michigan. That last time anyone besides John saw them was at p. Where are the skeleton boys FB. John has stated his children are still alive but will never be returned as long as their mother has custody of them.

On Nov. Registered sex offenders, however, are permitted to wear a Halloween costume inside their home, according to the Illinois Sex Offender Registry.

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  • After speaking to him for about 30 minutes through a video monitor, they told reporters outside the jail that their grandchildren are alive, according to CBS affiliate WTOL. John Skelton, an unemployed truck driver, is fighting extradition to Michigan on parental kidnapping charges.
  • Jeremy Allen , Special Content Producer. Derick Hutchinson , Senior Web Producer.
  • Tied to the podcast, reporter Sandra Ali interviewed John Skelton in February -- his first interview in 6 years. You can find it on any podcast service.

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Tanya zuvers-skelton sex offender in Naperville

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