See this in the app Show more. Science News Cycle ‘ view comic. Professors ‘ view comic Your Computer Desktop ‘ view comic Happening outside ‘ view comic Anatomy of a group meeting presentation ‘ view comic Why? Too due list ‘ view comic. How to look busy ‘ view comic. Anatomy of a group meeting presentation ‘ view comic. The Origin ‘ view comic.

Regular Working Hours ‘ view comic. Official Guidelines ‘ view comic. Finished Thesis ‘ view comic. Maybe in another decade with lasers, cheaper interceptors and rail guns the equation might have changed. Your life ‘ view comic. The Repulsor Field Explained ‘ view comic. Valentine’s day ‘ view comic.

Counting on the first moments of the new year to fill him with renewed motivation and hope, the grad student feels nothing. We are celebrating by Kickstarting a new bookhaving a huge sale and offering custom comics and cartoons!

Life Reality ‘ view comic. Cosmic Inflation Explained ‘ view comic. Dating Odds ‘ view comic. The best defence is to own an empire. The mid-tenure crisis ‘ view comic.


Piled Higher and Deeper

Fake Window ‘ view comic. Happening outside ‘ view comic.

Thssis realize others have pointed this out, but still Professors ‘ view comic. Futile Attempts ‘ view comic. It’s still missing the presentation text.

Exclusive focus ‘ view comic. What to call your Academic Event ‘ view comic. That is a different adage and comparing metaphors about defence and power can mislead or change the argument not resolve the statement “” the best defence A Webcomic Of Intelligent Weirdness.

thesis defence xkcd

Three of them, heads mounted on trophy plaques in my office, between the rhino and the bull moose. Peak Productivity ‘ view comic. In tribute to xkcd https: Of course, the phrase is older than missiles, but I believe similar principles applied: Definition of Vacation ‘ view comic.

If only ‘ view comic.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Planning ‘ view comic. More of the same ‘ view comic.


thesis defence xkcd

Grades don’t matter ‘ view comic. I should probably get around to reading those forum rules at some stage. Moderators GeneralPrelatesMagistrates. Reorganizing papers that he has no serious plans to read, the grad student engages in barely productive procrastination. This happened, not with a sword, but with a gun.

I should be done in Red ink ‘ view comic. For added humorous effect, in the title text Megan extrapolates how she improved the state of the art, i. I have been informed that this is called writing a book. And a slightly less impressive hat