Choice of paper See Ghent University shop for more printed matter like conference folders, pens Ask for a graphic designer if you want to publish something, don’t just do this in a Word file. Your login stores all your orders for the future. Language and terminology It is more powerful to design a unique image in collaboration with a graphic designer that is exclusively used for your message.

Do you want to program your own form? Dare to Think 8. Print Everything to print: Your login stores all your orders for the future. Name the template fittingly. Do not not send them to external target groups.

Print | UGent style guide

The template comprises a front cover, an attendance record, a table of contents, attachments and references. Available in Dutch and English. These templates are programmed in the secondary font Arial. Download cover course – Universiteit Gent Campus Kortrijk.

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Do not print out the file yourself, but go to a printing office. Use the preset text styles. Choice of paper This Word template in Dutch should primarily be used when typing a report. Is it not possible ;rinten work with a graphic designer? Your login stores all your orders for the future. Download cover course – Ghent University Global Campus.


Experimental analysis of rotating damping in high speed machinery

Other printing offices who are to willing to apply the corporate design correctly, can send an e-mail to huisstijl ugent. Language and terminology Double click in the header to adjust the text there. Download the Word template for the letter Dutch and English version together in one zip file. It is also applicable for the layout of similar documents, such as notes and doctoral dissertations. When filled in, you can save the document by following these steps: Keep in mind the following things:.

Then edit your text. The same principles of the poster need to be applied to the flyer.

thesis printen kortrijk

For each faculty, a Dutch and English version is ;rinten with an adjusted logo, faculty icon and colour. This way you message will stand out. Print Everything to print: Printing office Graphius Eekhoutdriesstraat 67 Oostakker T.

This exclusive deal blanket order entails that Ghent University cannot print these kinds of printed matter anywhere else. Grid and layout 7. Thesks report – Ghent University Global Campus. You do not have to convert them to UGent Panno Text. You can use the primary font UGent Panno Text only when you export these files into pdf or when you print them out, otherwise use the secondary font Arial when you digitally send the original files in Word or Powerpoint to others.


thesis printen kortrijk

Make sure this matches the guidelines of imagery. Academia Press publisher Lannoo: Keep in mind all the basic principles: Ask for a graphic designer if you want to publish something, don’t just do this in a Word file. Download poster – Ghent University Global Campus. See list of publishers and printing offices who can make a cover in the corporate design kortrujk you with professional graphical software.

Respect the same font sizes and principles of the letters as much as possible.