Resubmission must take place within the period determined by the Subject Coordinator, usually one week. When you do need to refer to an actor in your sentences use the 3rd person point of view to maintain an objective voice. This is how you make sense of the text and remember those points. To give evidence which supports an argument or idea; show why decisions or Justify conclusions were made, considering objections that others might make. For more information on the various assignment types, see Academic Writing 2 – Assignment types. Include the good and bad points look at any implications.

When you do need to refer to an actor in your sentences use the 3rd person point of view to maintain an objective voice. You can hear when the grammar is wrong. These requests are negotiated on terms that are acceptable to the staff and students concerned. It caused a really big reaction It caused a significant reaction. Students should contact their ALO at the start of each semester to advise of their subject enrolments. To give your judgment about the merit of theories or opinions about the truth of Critique facts, and back your judgment by a discussing the evidence.

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Equity and Diversity An integral part of the UTS character is its equity and diversity principles, which include: Please note the following, which are intended to minimise risk in respect of fieldwork trips: Sound facilities equipped to specialise in music, audio arts, post-production and 16 surround mixing.

The normal codes of good academic practice and the rules regarding conduct apply to all assessment items in ALL subjects. There is no way that the design It seems unlikely that the design Use a more cautious concept can be implemented within concept can be implemented within tone. Tutor feedback delivery will be delivered in a timely manner.


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When quoting directly from a work always include the specific page references. Your ideas and opinions can be expressed by your choice of reporting verb Section 3. Learning Development, University of WollongongEssay writing: It is important to remember that you can only use a limited amount for your study or research purposes and that you need to correctly acknowledge the author and reference their material when you use it in your work. Upload draft writing assignments to receive immediate instructional feedback on over points of grammar, punctuation and style.

To consider how far something is true, or contributes to a final outcome. Students may also undertake voluntary or compulsory work-based learning, in the form of internships and practicums, as part of their degrees.

Have you checked word forms?

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To find out if you are eligible, visit: Start to think about your position. Is there a role for the tourism industry itself. Information obtained from discussions with relatives is rarely relayed onto other nursing staff, and of the patient information reported, most is described from a medical perspective rather than focusing on the discussion of nursing related information.

New York Knicks coaches. Write from your notes not from the original text. Each School has an Indigenous Liaison Officer who is there to support you in succeeding at uni.


Students are given exposure to a range of practice-related experiences, including problem-based, issues-based or practice case-based approaches to learning in subjects and guest lectures, vodcasts or podcasts from professional practitioners. The results were analysed by… 3. Students need to contact their subject coordinators before the due date to negotiate an approved extension.

It states the most important points and may modify or reject an opposing position.

For more information on the various assignment types, see Academic Writing 2 – Assignment types. Keywords are the words that identify the topic or issue.

Review To make a survey of, examining the subject critically. Book appointments with staff if unavailable during posted consultation times. Often, the last sentence i.

uts fass essay guide

Staff responsible for making decisions regarding academic misconduct and appeals in cases of plagiarism may request and make use of evidence from plagiarism detection software or from forensic analysis of texts, computer code, images or other works. In some subjects, the teacher will return assignments via email with digital comments. To give the exact meaning of; where relevant, to show that you understand Define why the definition may be problematic.

Should the tourism industry be involved? In writing a synthesis, you draw out the relationships between sources.