Students should plan ahead carefully, because these courses may not be offered in both fall and spring semesters. That grade is converted into a standard letter grade upon successful completion of the thesis. Receive official invitation from Dean’s Office to participate in College Honors program. How do I select a topic for my thesis? HON C must also be specifically contracted with a faculty member.

Don’t hesitate to knock on doors or e-mail faculty members. In the event that a project requires two semesters to complete, a student, with their mentor’s approval, may divide NH credits over two semesters. Students may find useful information about writing, formatting, and defending the thesis in this document. Selecting a topic is one of the most important steps in the thesis writing process. Not only does high academic achievement show that you understand the content of the courses you’ve taken but it also shows that you are able to perform at a distinguished level over four years of endeavor.

A thesis presents your position on some topic in your field of study, and it therefore includes argument presenting evidence and, where appropriate, critical examination of opposed positions on that topic. A total of six hours of thesis credit is required between NH and NH How do you find theis advisor? The BSAD thesis extension form may be found here. Harriet was a part of a team working specifically on genetic mapping of certain behavioral and cognitive traits that are found in childhood epilepsy.

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The table that follows contains information about whether or not HON is required or recommended by the colleges and schools. Both a public presentation open to the University community and an oral defense before the student’s committee of the thesis are required of RSENR students writing the thesis. One member of the committee may be from off campus, if that person has special expertise related to the project. In the senior year, six credits of thesis research are required.


I can go to him for advice about lab related questions as well as advice about the future.

Guidelines for Honors Research Proposals | College of Arts and Sciences | The University of Vermont

Thesis Defense requirements The thesis is presented at a formal defense, open to the public, and coollege by the student’s mentor, the NH faculty of record, and the student’s academic advisor. Students may find useful information about writing, formatting, and defending the thesis in this document.

uvm honors college thesis proposal

When thesis credits are spread across multiple semesters, students making satisfactory progress towards completion of the thesis in the first semester are awarded a grade of Satisfactory Progress SP for their first semester of thesis research, and course credit is awarded.

Students are also advised to ask their thesis supervisor, in the pgoposal supervisor’s email that is to accompany the revision, to comment in detail on the changes that have been made in the revision.

Your deadlines are then moved from May to December. Proposals in the natural sciences tend to be shorter than those in the humanities, as is expected based on the nature of each discipline. Seniors in the Honors College complete a six-credit honors research thesis or special project in their home college.

The defense usually takes place during the last two weeks of the semester in which the thesis project is completed. Fulfills contents, format, and required section guidelines found above on this coloege.

Honors Thesis Guidelines | College of Arts and Sciences | The University of Vermont

If warranted due to the nature of the thesis project, all six credits may be cllege during one semester. Normally, there will be a few chapters between four and six.

uvm honors college thesis proposal

Budget requests may include supplies, funding for travel to research location, incentives, and other eligible research expenses. Enroll in CEMS generally in the spring semester.

No formal evaluation is associated with the presentation, which should serve as a discussion of the thesis, with the goal of providing constructive suggestions towards improving the final manuscript. Your aim in the end is to identify a topic that seems interesting enough to pursue in detail for one whole year.


Reviewers may check your references for literature widely understood to be foundational in your field.

Thesis due date The completed thesis is due to the advisor and defense committee at least one week prior to the scheduled defense. Students should plan ahead carefully, because these courses may not be offered in both fall and spring semesters.

Though it is the biggest thing you will do as an undergraduate, you shouldn’t think of it as an overwhelming project. As the Honors Committee may not include a specialist in your field, you should avoid technical jargon. CALS students planning to study abroad in the spring of their junior year and thus unable to take CALS during that semester must instead take HONthe thesis preparation course offered by the Honors College, in the fall of the junior year. Here, the reference librarian will be your best friend in searching the literature on your topic.

Explain the question you hope to answer and what it is you hope to accomplish. College Honors The College Honors program, designed for superior students with unusual initiative and intellectual curiosity, provides an opportunity to pursue two semesters six credits of independent research under the direction of a faculty sponsor. In this case, you would submit an application package to the College Honors Committee the February before you graduate.

uvm honors college thesis proposal