Yes, if you are planning to do a graduate program in psychology , although some psychology programs do not require a thesis. There are many ways to arrive at a thesis topic. Limit to record type: A rich source of ideas will be the seminar course s you will take in third year. LOG IN to show content. You can also talk things over with the undergraduate advisor or the PS instructor s at any time during the year.

Up to approximately students are accepted into the thesis course each year. It is suggested that you start contacting potential supervisors in January or early February. If the title you want is not available on loan, you may be able purchase a copy directly from University Microfilms International UMI. More specifically, I am interested in conflict and competition within the workplace. If you have any questions, contact the Psychology undergraduate academic advisors from your Laurier email: Talk to potential thesis supervisors about their research interests and style of supervision.

We are happy to add other types of student work to the DA such as academic posters or senior theses, however our archive does not accept data sets and accompanying files. Tell them about your ideas, whatever they are, and ask for advice on relevant sources, current issues in the area, and so on. Theses and Dissertations are major research projects conducted by senior university students, usually graduate students, as a degree requirement.

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The development of your thesis proposal will be an interactive process between you and your advisor; to the extent that you can define your thesis topic, so much the better. Lucy Carreiro, Senior Administrative Assistant. In this section k. How do I get accepted? Preparing for a Thesis.


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Foster on research involving the Me Too Movement. Theses Canada Index goes back to ; full text available for recent works from many institutions. Who should I contact if I have questions? Develop a research idea.

wlu undergraduate thesis

Many recent items are available in full text. Students will learn how to: You should not expect dlu immediate yes or no response from a potential supervisor. A Having met the prerequisites for the course: Limit to source type: Classes meet twice a week. Rita Sharkey, Graduate Program Assistant. Her interests and research focuses on Social Psychology, specifically gender discrimination.

We still accept theses in print form and allow for embargos electronic items viewable only from the campus network for a specified period of time. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with a potential supervisor’s research interests by reading a couple of his or her recent publications or conference presentations. Do not panic, just ask for help. Kim Susanna, Undergraduate Program Assistant.

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Most faculty members will wait until they have heard from a number of potential honours thesis students and will make their decision based on several factors including the students’ research interests and future goals, background preparation courses taken, research experience, and gradesand the faculty member’s previous experience with the student from courses and RA assignments.


Write and orally present a research proposal.

Present the results, verbally and in writing, in a professional manner. Digital Commons Network Content from hundreds of institutional repositories, many of which includes theses.

Faculty members typically make their final decisions regarding student supervision by mid-Marchif not earlier. Bailey undergeaduate her honours thesis on how power influences action-taking differently among men and women.

A rich source of ideas will be the seminar course s you will take in third year. One excellent way to do this undergraduaet to organize a preliminary reading list with your advisor before you leave for the summer.

Adding your unpublished work to the DA will ensure that is is available for research use. You can also talk things over with the undergraduate advisor or the PS instructor s at any time during the year. It is undergraduare if you bring along an unofficial transcript with your computed GPA in all Psychology coursesand a rough statement of interest which includes your future goals e.

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